ANJAR city was established in 1601, Magsar Vad, Atham. The city was developed by Shri Ajepad Ji who he is the brother of Ajmer's King. 400 Years ago, after 1648 AD The King of Kutch Ra' Khenjarji developed The Anjar city. Anjar city is located at river bank of "SANG" and the area of Anjar City spread over 4839.40 Hecter.
Anjar is known as oldest city of KUTCH district. The Meaning of Anjar is "AJAD" which means there is no tree. Several Year ago, the city was covered by thick forest and this forest was the dwelling place of famous robber Jesal Jadeja. But now there is no tree in this city so it was named as "AJAD" and after that it called " Anjar ".
In Anjar city, the temple of Ajepad is situated near famous Jesal Toral's Samadhi. The Story of Ajepad was... in 9th centuary the war started in Ajmer between Vidhramis and King Ajepad Chauhan and this battle ended at Anjar city. In this battle King Ajepad chauhan was died and city was called "AJAD VAS", after that because of thick agricultural crops was produced within the city, "AJAD VAS" is called as "ANN JAR" and after that "ANJAR".
The Fort was constructed all over the city in 1775 (Samvat) by Maharo Shri Deshadji (1st). In this fort there was five NAKAS, they were "GANGA NAKA", "VARSAMEDI NAKA”, "DEVDIYA NAKA”, "SORATHYIA NAKA" and "SAVASAR NAKA". In this fort "KHILLI" was planted at "GANGA NAKA" and at the time of Sthapana Din of anjar city "KHILLI" pujan ceremony is organized.
In 1818, The British Raj was established in kutch disrtict and Caption James Meckmardo was posted as "British Politic Resident". He was well-known as "BHURIO BAVO". Actully he was entered in Anjar in 1814 as "BHURIYO BAVO". His main aim was to collect information of Anjar city and his resident was situated at "TIMBI KOTHA". In his house famous Kamangari painting was painted all over the walls. (After 2001, in the earthquake Meckmardo's Bungalow was badly damaged) Sadly, there is no action taken for the resurrection of this heritage bungalow.
On 15th December 1815, Anjar was conquered by Colonel East. As historical talks, the English army was behind the "BHADESWAR" Temple in this fight the temple is coming between Hushain Miya & English Army. The Muslim Husain Miya respect the temple and he didn’t fired on Temple. So on 15th December 1815 he was defeated and the doors were open for English Army. Thus Anjar was under English Empire. On 25th December 1822 Anjar Chovisi was came out from English Empire & "Rajya Hukumat" was established.
Birds of Kutch
Courtesy By: Mohan Matang